Welcome to the FreeON Golf League website. This golf league has evolved from the Motorola SPS and Motorola IC golf leagues that were organized in the 1960's. With the spin off of part of Motorola SPS to ON Semiconductor in 1999 and the divestiture of the remaining semiconductor business groups to Freescale Semiconductor in 2004, the league name was changed to FreeON to reflect that members came from these two companies. Over time, many league members have retired or moved to new companies. Further, new members have joined by invitation from the old Motorola nucleus. Today the FreeON Golf League has members from a host of companies in the valley and enjoys golf outings on the order of once every two weeks throughout the year. This site contains the schedule for tournaments and posts the results of tournaments played.

Acquisition of FreeScale by NXP in 2015 does not affect the name of this league.